*New Venngage Workspaces for Enterprises

Video Editor Release to 50% of Users

  • The new Venngage video editor is now available to 50% of users.

  • There is a new video product tour that covers the editor's main features.

Rebranded Feature Pages

  • The Infographics, Posters, Timelines, Brochures, and Letterheads pages are now rebranded.

Column and Grouped Column Charts Update

  • Column and grouped column charts now have axis and gridline settings.

  • Users can now customize the axis color, axis width, gridline color, and gridline width.

Improved Duplicate Behaviour for Smart Diagrams

  • Mind maps: duplicating a shape now results in a replicate attached to the same parent as the original.

  • Flowcharts: duplicating a shape now results in an unattached replicate.

*Org Workspaces are only available for Enterprise users.

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