Venngage Videos provides you with the necessary tools to create videos for social media, your business, and e-commerce. Here is an overview of the video editor:

The Home Page

On the home page, there is a Template Library featuring an assortment of pre-made video templates, a green Create New button, a My Videos section, and a Usage section. You can choose to either get started with a pre-made template or start with a blank template. Once you choose a template, you are taken to the video editor.

The Video Editor

The video editor provides you with a variety of tools for making videos. The editor includes a toolbar, video canvas, zoom function, Layers panel, and a timeline.

The Video Canvas

The video canvas at the center of the editor is where you can move items around, make slight adjustments to item sizing, and arrange all items in your video.

The Toolbar

The left toolbar includes the following sections:

  • Library: has an assortment of pre-made video templates

  • Background: has different colors for your video background

  • Text: has different text styles

  • Elements: has shapes, ratings, QR codes, and devices

  • Images: has Unsplash, Pexels, 2D and 3D stickers

  • Videos: has Lottie, Giphy, and Pexels

  • Audio: has a variety of audio clips

  • Uploads: you can either paste a URL here or insert your own file

Each section offers an assortment of media types and styles that you can choose from to add to your video or apply special effects to items in your video.

The Layers Panel

The Layers panel on the right side of the editor shows each layer in your video. Each layer can be locked/unlocked and hidden/seen. You can also rearrange the order of the layers.

The Zoom Function

You can click the - / + buttons to zoom in and out of your video canvas.

The Export Function

The Export button allows you to export your video in MP4 format.

The Timeline Panel

The timeline panel at the bottom of the editor has a timer, play/pause button, hide button, and tracks for each item in your video.

  1. Timecode (left side): adjusts the duration of the entire sequence. You can adjust the duration by clicking the timecode, then clicking and dragging the dot left or right or using the up/down arrow buttons to add or subtract one second at a time.

  2. Play/pause button: click this button or use your spacebar to play/pause the video. You can also move the playhead across the timeline to view the current frame displayed on the canvas.

  3. Down button (right side): hides timeline. Click it to hide your timeline.

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