How do I create a new video template?

Clicking on any template in the Template Library will open up the video editor. Inside the editor, the Library tab is available in the left panel to change the template. Note that selecting a new template from the Library tab will erase all changes applied to the existing template and start from scratch.

What are the quotas for video projects?

  • Free: 3 exports - up to 5 projects

  • Premium (+ education/education members): 20 exports - unlimited projects

  • Business (+ enterprise/business members): 100 exports - unlimited projects

What are the dimensions of the video?

Various dimensions are available to select from when creating a new video. Pre-made templates are sized to work well with popular social media platforms.

Can the video dimensions be changed?

Yes, you can change the dimensions by going into the background tab in the left toolbar. Changing the dimensions will destructively rearrange the existing elements on the canvas (i.e. if you go from one size and change it to another, the elements will move around and not be restorable if you select the original size). Currently, the only way to go back to previous settings is to undo the size changes.

How do I add elements to the video?

Using the left toolbar, elements such as background, text, images, shapes, device mockups, animations, and audio can be played into the video as layers on the video timeline.

What is a video layer?

Any object in the video editor is treated as a layer. Adjusting the layer on the timeline changes when it shows up or disappears in the video. A layer can also be edited based on its contents, as well as having effects and animations applied, again based on its contents.

How do video layers work together?

The order of the layers represents whether an object is above or below another object. You can adjust the order using the layer panel. The same order of objects is shown in the timeline view at the bottom of the editor, but layer order can not be adjusted here, only timeline placements.

What are device mockups?

Device mockups are objects that can be placed directly into the video with images, gifs, or videos embedded inside the mockup, mimicking how something would look if it were to be displayed on a device.

What types of files can be uploaded into the video editor?

Images, audio, and video can all be uploaded via the Upload function on the left toolbar.

I dragged an object off of the video canvas and can’t move it back!

Currently, the only way to get it back onto canvas is to use the Undo function on the action menu (or Ctrl or Command + Z on the keyboard). Please be careful in moving objects off of the canvas entirely or you will have to re-add it.

Can I group elements together on the video canvas?

You can select multiple elements and move them around the canvas together, but they can not be grouped together to form a new layer. Layers on the timeline can only be moved individually.

How does the video background work?

The background can be set as a solid color, a linear gradient, or a CSS gradient background (CSS gradient backgrounds can be browsed on GradientHunt and pasted into the custom background section). Backgrounds persist as the bottom layer of the video and other elements can be added on top.

My view of the video editor is obscured?

Currently, the video editor size is based on the window size of the browser. You can refresh the page to reset the view to a new window size.

What’s the maximum length of a video?

A video can be up to 30 seconds long. The minimum length is one second.

Can I preview the video before exporting?

You can play the video by pressing the Play button located above the timeline. This plays the video within the editor.

What are the export options?

Venngage Video exports MP4 files.

My video isn’t exporting!

It may take several minutes to export your video file. Please be patient.

How do I share a video after it’s exported?

Once a video is rendered and exported, you have the option to download it or copy a video link to share.

Where can I find my exported videos?

After exporting a video, you can retrieve it by going to your videos tab and clicking preview on the template that you’ve exported. The export will be shown as available to download in the preview page.

How do I increase the length of my video?

You can increase your video's length by clicking the time at the left side of the timeline and adjusting the dot left or right.

How do I hide the video timeline?

You can hide your timeline by clicking the down button on the right side of the timeline.

How do I edit the video text?

Click the text and go to the Edit menu to edit it.

How do I add text and other items to my video?

The left toolbar has a variety of items that you can add to your video including text, elements, images, and videos. You can browse through each section to find items to add to your video.

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