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The Video section has videos from three sources: Lottie, Giphy, and Pexels.

Adding Videos to Your Video Template

  1. Click any video to add it to your video.

  2. You can upload your own videos via the Upload section.

Editing Videos

To edit a video, click it, and the Edit tab appears. Using the tab, you can customize its size, corners, and video options.

Adding Effects to Videos

To apply an effect to a video, click the video, and select the effect you want to apply. To adjust the level of Transparency, click and drag the dot left or right.

Animating Videos

  1. Click a video.

  2. Click the Animate tab.

  3. Select an animation type.

  4. Adjust the speed by clicking and dragging the dot left or right.

  5. You also have an option to toggle on Enter/Exit.

Note: the Enter toggle applies to the video animating in (Enter) and animating out (Enter + Exit). Currently, there is no Exit only animation.

Here is a video tutorial:

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