The video editor timeline allows you to adjust the start, stop, and duration of the layers in your video template. Each layer has a color that corresponds to its item type (text, element, image). This article covers the following topics:

Adjusting Your Video Length

To adjust the length of your video:

  1. Click the video time on the left side of the timeline.

  2. Click and drag the dot left or right to adjust the video length. You can also use the up/down arrow buttons to add or subtract one second at a time.

  3. Click the Done button to set the video length.

Adjusting a Layer Length

To adjust the length of a layer:

  1. Click the layer.

  2. Click and drag one of the layer's ends left or right to shorten or extend its length.

Moving a Layer

To move a layer, click and drag it left or right to move its position on the timeline.

Hiding the Video Editor Timeline

To hide the video editor timeline, click the down button on the top right corner of the timeline.

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