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Adding Text to Your Video

To add text to your video:

  1. Click the text section.

  2. Select the text type that you want in your video. Adding new text adds a new layer to your canvas. The text appears on the top left corner of your video and the Edit tab appears so that you can customize your text.

The Edit Tab

The Edit tab provides a variety of features that you can customize text with, such as the size, font, spacing, position, alignment, and color.

The Effects Tab

The Effects tab provides the options for you to adjust the transparency level of your text and multiple options for text effects. To adjust the transparency level, click and drag the dot left or right.

The Animate Tab

The Animate tab provides you with the option to adjust the transparency level of your text, toggle on Enter/Exit, and choose between multiple effect types.

Changing Fonts and Sizes

To change the font:

  1. Click the Text tab.

  2. Select a text type and choose any other options that you want to customize your text with.

Using the Auto-Resize Feature

The auto-resize feature enables you to automatically resize the text size by clicking and dragging the corner handles.

Text Color and Backgrounds

You can change the text color and background in the editor.

Adding Text Highlight

To highlight specific text, add markdown language (**) before and after the text:

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