Home page and My Designs Section Rebrand

  • The Home page and My Designs section now have a new UI.

  • Now, there are three new buttons for creating folders and the Create New button can also create designs.

Subfolders in the My Designs Section

  • An infinite number of subfolders can now be created in the My Designs section.

  • To navigate through the folders, click the folder name or the ellipses to open a drop-down list of folders in the breadcrumbs.

  • The steps for creating, renaming, and deleting a folder are updated.

Single Series column chart

  • A new single-series column chart is now available in the Charts section of the editor.

Smart Widget Update

  • Smart widgets can now be moved with keyboard arrow keys.

Bug Fix

  • + buttons now appear upon hover for flowcharts.

Check out the following articles to learn more about the new features:

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