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What are column charts?

Column charts are charts that display statistics in the form of columns. They can help to show the numerical difference between multiple items to compare.

Customizing column charts

To customize a column chart:

  1. Click the chart.

  2. Click the Edit Chart button. Using the Edit Chart menu, you can customize the chart's data, setup, and labels.

Edit Chart menu features

Each Edit Chart menu section allows you to customize a section of your chart.


  • Icons

  • Colors

  • Category names

  • Value numbers

Data can be edited by clicking a cell and manually entering, or copying and pasting from an external source. You can use your keyboard shortcuts (Command-V on Mac and Ctrl + V on PC) to paste data into the cells.


  • Axes

  • Gridlines

  • Column style


  • Category labels

  • Icon labels

  • Value labels

  • Scale labels

Note: the Value labels section provides options such as adding a prefix (eg. $) or suffix (eg. %) to the values, and setting the number of decimal places shown on the chart.

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