What is an Org Workspace?

An Org Workspace (previously Venngage Teams) can house an unlimited number of Groups. Groups consist of the same account types that currently exist: Members and Guests. The permissions are the same as before.

Org Workspaces may be managed by more than one Admin. Admins can:

  • Create a new Group

  • Add/delete Members and Guests in any Group

  • Upgrade/downgrade Members and Guests in any Group

Admin Permissions

The first Admin (i.e. the first person who creates their account) is the only person who can view their Enterprise billing and payment information. When an Admin creates a new group, they must assign a "Group Lead". This Group Lead effectively becomes an Admin and has all Admin permissions.


  • Users can only be in one group for now

  • Admins cannot delete or rename groups for now

  • Admins cannot move users between groups. Users can be removed from the Org Workspace and then re-added to the desired Group.

  • Users must be added to a Group. They cannot float in a Workspace.

  • All users in the Workspace can use the Brand Kit, but only Admins can edit it.

Group Leads

  • Only one Lead per group, but Lead can manage other groups

  • Leads can be changed, but must be changed through the Admin tool

  • Managed accounts can be changed by Customer Success

  • Shared designs can only exist in one group at a time and must be moved (reshared manually) by the user

  • You cannot add Members from other Teams

  • There must be a Group Lead (Admin) to activate the Group

  • There is no limit to the number of Groups that can be created

  • Group Leads can see Members and designs, but Members can only see other Members. Contributors can only see Members, but not designs (Group Leads)

  • If there are no seats left, a pop-up appears to inform

  • Subfolders cannot be created in Team Designs

  • Deleting a Group must be done through the Admin tool

  • One brand kit for the Group

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