What are circle mind maps?

Circle mind maps have an auto-layout mind algorithm that promotes a structured layout over an organic layout. The algorithm sets a track around the root.

Circle mind maps can

  • Easily add new shapes (+ button)

  • Easily clean up your layout after adding, removing, or moving shapes (Tidy button)

  • Easily adjust the size of your mind map (track)

  • Easily resize shapes (via the shape's side handles or the whole mind map)

  • Resize the central shape from the centre

  • Easily update the style of your mind map (copy/paste styles)

Adding child items to the first hierarchy

  • + button positioned around the root item

  • + button appears on hover

  • + button adds item in direction corresponding to where the + button is

  • Add item to port where item already exists. Existing item shifts clockwise

Tidying the circle mind map

If you want to "reset" the circle mind map to its original state after editing it, click the Tidy button on the top toolbar.

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