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What is a stat chart?

A stat chart is a chart that displays one number at the center. Currently, there are three stat charts: the Donut, the Half-Donut, and the Progress Bar. You can find them under the Charts drop-down.

Donut chart

Half-donut chart

Progress bar

Editing a stat chart's fonts and colors

The fonts and colors for the chart, number, icon, and text can be changed via the top toolbar.

  1. Select the element you want to edit.

  2. Choose the style option you want to change on the top toolbar.

More customization options

  1. Double-click the chart. The Edit Chart menu appears.

  2. In the Edit Chart menu, you can change the value displayed in the chart. You can also adjust the style of the widget, including the layout, spacing, and corner rounding.

Note: The settings available in the Edit Chart menu varies depending on the chart type. You can change the chart's number by changing the number in the "Value" field.

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