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Select the "Share" icon from the top toolbar in the Editor. The icon looks like three circles connected by two diagonal lines, and is situated between the "Settings" (gear) icon and the "Preview" button.

A close-up of the right-hand side of the top toolbar in the Venngage Editor; the share icon is bounded by a dark red box to highlight it.

Select the "Share" tab to share on social media, or "Publish" to publish your design and generate a link that you can share with others.

Share on Social Media

Click or select the icon of the social media platform you want to share on, and post your design.

A user clicks the Twitter icon under the Social Media heading in the "Share with others" modal (box). A second modal (pop-up) appears with a Twitter logo; the user enters their account information and logs in, and the box displays a tweet with a link to the user's design, and a "Tweet" button to publish the tweet.

Share with a public link

Select the "Publish" tab from the Share modal to create a publicly accessible version of your design.

Change the title of your design before you publish; type into the text field under the "Public title" heading.

Click the "Publish" button at the bottom of the modal when you're ready, and copy the link to share it with others.

A user clicks the "Publish" tab in the Share modal, which overlays a design canvas in the Venngage Editor. Under the heading "Publish to web", text on the modal reads "Anyone on the web with the link will have access to your design." Under the second heading, "Public title", a text field reads "Example of Women's Rights Movement". Beneath this the modal states "You can unpublish your infographic at any time by returning to the publish menu and clicking on Unpublish." The user clicks "Publish" at the bottom of the modal. The button now displays "Unpublish" and a heading for "Public Link" appears with a URL underneath it. The user selects the URL and opens a new tab, which displays the same design as is visible on the canvas in the Venngage Editor.

Other ways to share

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