Available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Free, Premium, Business and Enterprise.

Find the Page Manager toolbar on the righthand side of the design canvas in the Venngage Editor to get started managing the pages in your design.

A user in the Venngage Editor uses the zoom function on their browser to zoom into the Page Manager toolbar. The user mouses over the controls in the Page Manager toolbar, as described below.
A close-up of the Page Manger toolbar with each of the tools labelled. The toolbar is vertically stacked and the tools appear in the following order: Previous Page (up arrow); Page Picker (text field with page number); Next Page (down arrow); Copy Page (two pages in silhouette, superimposed); Add Page (plus sign); Delete Page (trash can icon); Speaker Notes (message icon); Page Manager (group of four small cubes arranged in a cadre).

Page Manager Toolbar Quick Start

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