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Customizing text and text styling

Changing the text

Click once on the text box and start typing.

Customizing the text style

  1. Click on the text box.

  2. Text styling options will appear on the top toolbar. You can use these to change the text colour, switch to another font, bold, italicize, and more. For more details about text styling click here.

Modifying icons

Replacing icons

  1. Double-click on the icon.

  2. Select a new icon or an image from the Replace Menu.

Learn more about automatic replace by clicking here.

Customizing border and background

Customizing the border

  1. Double-click on the item you want to modify. You can also click once to modify the border of the icon, the text, or the whole item.

  2. Two-colour boxes will appear on the top toolbar. Click on the border icon box. The colour picker will open. You can select a new colour.

  3. To change the border style or width, use the options at the top of the colour picker. You can choose from a dash, dot, or solid border line. You can also increase or decrease the line width.

Customizing the background colour

  1. Double-click on the background of the text, the icon, or the entire item. Click once on the item to edit its background colour.

  2. Click on the background colour icon and use the colour picker to select a new colour.

Add or remove an item

To add an item:

  1. Click an item.

  2. Click the + button.

To remove an item:

  1. Click an item.

  2. Either hit the Delete key, right-click for the Delete action, or click the bin icon on the top toolbar.

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