This article covers the following topics:

  1. Open the Page Manager

  2. Rearrange pages

  3. Add a new page

  4. Copy a page

  5. Delete a page

Open the Page Manager

Open a design in the editor and click the Page Manager button on the small right-hand toolbar.

Rearrange pages

To rearrange the order of the pages, click and drag a page thumbnail to reposition it.

Add a new blank page

There are two ways to add a page using the Page Manager. You can add a new blank page to the last position in the document or in the middle of the document. 

After the last page

To add a page at the end of the document, click the + sign in the Page Manager.

In the middle of the document

Click the + sign under a page thumbnail to create a new page after it. For example, clicking a + sign under page 10 will create a page in the 11th position. 

Copy a page

Click the Copy button under the thumbnail that you want to copy.

Delete a page

  1. Click the trash can button under the page thumbnail.

  2. Click the red Delete button on the thumbnail.

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