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Our DesignAI tool makes it easy for you to add text to slide templates and build a presentation in minutes!

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Click on "Add Page" (the plus sign) in the Page Manager toolbar, the small toolbar on the right-hand side of the screen in the Editor.

In the Venngage Editor, a presentation titled "Consulting Pitch Deck" is open. A user mouses over the design canvas and clicks the "Add Page" plus sign in the Page Manager toolbar. A modal appears, with the heading "How would you like to make your new slide?" There are two options underneath: "User a standard layout" and "Use Design AI".

Click Use Design AI, the second option in the modal.

A user clicks "Use Design AI" from the "New slide" modal described above. A new modal appears with the heading "Add your text". There are three text fields; the user types into the second one, then clicks "Design my slide" at the bottom of the modal.

Type in the text you wish to include in the slide design. Change the Slide Title, Slide Subtitle, and Slide Body from here. You can create a bulleted list in the Slide Body from this modal.

Click Design My Slide to generate the slide. Once it's added, you can edit your new slide within the Editor as you would a regular slide.


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