Available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Free, Premium, Business and Enterprise.

Open the Page Manager tool, representing by a group of four squares at the bottom of the Page Manager toolbar to the right of the design canvas:

Close-up of the Page Manager toolbar in the Venngage Editor, with the Page Manager tool icon highlighted and the "Page Manager" label visible.

Click and drag a page thumbnail to reposition it. The thumbnails will update to display the pages in the new order, as you move them.

The Page Manager modal is open, overlaying the Editor: there are 16 slides in the design, visible on the modal, represented by thumbnails. Each slide is numbered according to how it appears in the sequence of the design. The user selects the tenth slide and drags it up into position behind the seventh slide, where it becomes the eighth slide; the slides after the eighth slide shift by one. The user selects the twelfth slide and drags it into position behind the second slide; it becomes the third slide, and the slides behind it shift by one.

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