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Duplicate a page in your design from the Page Manager toolbar.

A user in the Venngage Editor uses the zoom function on their browser to zoom into the Page Manager toolbar. The user mouses over the controls in the Page Manager toolbar, as described below.

Click "Copy Page" on the toolbar. The icon is two pages stacked, and appears under the "Next Page" (down arrow) icon.

A close-up of the Page Manager toolbar in the Venngage Editor; the icon of two pages overlaid is highlighted and the label "Copy Page" appears beside it.

An exact copy of the page will generate in sequence after the original page you copied.

With a design entitled "Consulting Pitch Deck" open in the Venngage Editor, a user clicks the "Copy Page" button on the Page Manager toolbar. The slide on the design canvas, entitled "Case Study: Ava Tech Sales Milestones", is duplicated. A small notification tag appears by the Page Manager tool bar that reads "Page copied." The user clicks the Previous Page button in the toolbar; page 5 and page 4 are identical copies of the same slide.

Edit the page or slide in the Editor or make additional copies from the original!

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