Learn how to use gradients other than the ones included under the Background section. This article covers the following topics:

Using Photos to search for gradient options

1. Click Photos on the left menu. 

2. Type “Gradient” into the Photo Search bar.

3. To add an image to your page, click it or drag it onto the page. Resize the image so that it is the same size as the page by dragging the image handles at the corners and edges.

4. Click the Move to Back button on the top toolbar. 

Automatically replace a background image with a gradient 

1. Double-click the background image or click the background image once, then click Replace on the top toolbar.

2. From the Replace Menu, select Photos.

3. Type “Gradient” into the search bar. Scroll through image options and click the image that you want to replace your background.

4. Click anywhere on the page to exit the Replace Menu.

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