We collect these kinds of data from you:

An infographic depicting different types and uses of data, transcribed in the list below.

How you use Venngage

  • Your URL clickstreams (the path you take through our site)

  • Features clicked or used, widgets added on designs, how you customize our templates, and other actions you take on the application

  • How long you stay on our pages, what you do on those pages, how often

Contact details

  • First and last name

  • Email address

Job information

  • The type of organization you work for

  • Your role

Where you're designing

  • Your IP address

  • Operating system and version

  • Device & browser type and version

  • Time zone setting

  • Geolocation information about where you might be

  • Language preference

Financial information

Your designs

  • Any personal data you have entered into your designs (e.g., resumes, CVs, etc.)

Marketing data

  • Ads you have clicked and the platform they were served on

  • Emails you have opened and links clicked

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We collect data from these sources:

A chart with details of what actions a user performs and what data is being provided, sorted by sources and the categories listed above. The entire chart is reproduced in the table below.

What you're doing

Data you're providing

Data we're receiving from 3rd party sites

Data we're collecting

Browsing any page on our website or application

Signing up for our newsletter

Signing up for our application

Creating a design

Editing a design

Upgrading to a paid subscription

Publishing a design

Contacting a customer support agent or reading a help article

Receiving an email from us

Viewing or interacting with ads on a 3rd-party site

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