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Create an eye-catching social media design to share. Need inspiration? Browse our social media templates to get started.

Select "Social Media" under categories in the left sidebar of the Templates page to browse a large selection of colorful, eye-catching designs perfect for your feed.

Share to social media

Post your design directly to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Select "Create" to open your design in the Editor. Customize the design and get it looking perfect.

Click "Share" (above the canvas, under the top toolbar) when you're ready to share to social media.

In the Venngage Editor, a user works on a canvas titled "16 Visual Content Marketing Statistics to Know for 2022". They change some icons on the design, then click "Share" in the upper right of the canvas, underneath the top toolbar, beside the "Settings", "Download" and "Preview" tools. The "Share" modal (box) pop-up appears over the canvas, with the logos for Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn underneath the heading "Social Media".

Select the social media platform you want to share on. This will open a modal (box) for you to enter your login information.

A user clicks the Twitter icon under the Social Media heading in the "Share with others" modal (box). A second modal (pop-up) appears with a Twitter logo; the user enters their account information and logs in, and the box displays a tweet with a link to the user's design, and a "Tweet" button to publish the tweet.


Post the design to your profile or a friend's timeline, to a Page or in a Group. Choose from the drop-down, customize your text, and select Post to Facebook


Search or select any of your Boards as displayed and click Save to post your design.


Customize your text, then select Tweet to share a link version of your design.


Share your design by selecting Share in a Post or Send in a private message.

Share in a Post

Select Share in a Post. Add a caption and some #tags to your design, then decide who it should be shared with (LinkedIn will provide you with different options). Select one to control who can see your post, then hit "Post" to share your design on your LinkedIn profile and elsewhere.

Send in a Private Message

Select Send in a private message, enter the name of the LinkedIn Connection you want to send it to, type in a message, and click on Send.

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