Share directly to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or LinkedIn

  1. Open the design in the editor.

  2. Click on Share, found in the top right corner. If your design is already published skip to step 5. 

  3. Click on the Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Twitter button at the bottom of the Share dropdown menu.

  4. A pop up will appear asking you to name your design. After you’ve entered a title click on Publish + Share

  5. If you aren’t logged into the social media account you'll be asked to log in at this point. 

For Facebook:
You can choose to add the design as a Facebook post, or add it to a group, event page, professional page, or even add it to a friends timeline. Click on Post to Facebook

For Pinterest:
A pop up box will appear. In the pop-up, your design will appear on the left. Choose a board, they can be found on the right, to add your design to it.

For Twitter:
Click on Tweet to share a link version of your design as a tweet. 

For LinkedIn:
Click either Share as a Message or Share as a Post.

  1. If you selected Share as a Post, enter some text to go along with your design and then click Post.

  2. If you selected Share as a Message, enter the name of the message recipient, type in a message and click on Send.

Download an Image File to Upload on Social Media

Open the design in the editor then:

  1. Click the Download button.

  2. Click the PNG button or click the PNG HD button. 

  3. Open the social media site where you want to upload the design and upload the image file there. 

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