Using one of our presentation templates you can access Presenter mode. You'll be able to share you work with an audience while accessing notes that they can't see. 

You can click here to see all our presentation templates. 

Once you are ready to share your presentation follow these steps:

  1. Open the design in the editor. 

  2. Click on Present found in the top right of the editor. 

  3. Select Presenter from the drop down menu. 

  4. Two new tabs will be opened. 

One tab has the presentation you can share with the audience. The other tab shows you the presentation with the speaker notes. Arrange the tabs on your screen so only you can see the tab with notes and your audience can see a fullscreen version of your presentation. 

Please note: The tab showing the presentation may be blocked by a pop-up blocker. Depending on the browser you're using you'll be able to turn off the pop-up blocker. If you have any trouble using Presenter mode reach out to us over chat or email us (

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