Available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Free, Premium, Business and Enterprise.

Browse our presentation templates, and choose one to edit by clicking "Create".

A user scrolls down the Venngage Templates page. The user clicks on "Presentations" under Categories in the left toolbar and mouses over a template in the right panel, then clicks "Create" on the template.

Customize your presentation in the Editor. Paid users can also plug text into custom-generated slides with our Design AI feature.

Click on Present in the top right toolbar of the Editor when you're ready to present your design. Select "Presenter" from the drop-down to enter Presentation mode.

A new windowm will open with the presentation as it will be viewed by your audience.

A user clicks clicks "Present" in the top toolbar of the Venngage Editor with a presentation template open on the design canvas. The user selects "Presenter" from the drop-down in the menu. A pop-up window open with the finished slides open in presentation mode; the user clicks through several slides.

Another tab will open underneath the slides window, with the speaker notes. Arrange the tabs on your screen so only you can see the tab with notes and your audience can see a fullscreen version of your presentation. 

A window with a slideshow entitled 2019 Marketing agenda fills the screen. A user pulls the window down, to reveal the speaker notes tab underneath it, which shows a current slide count and a right-hand viewing pane with speaker notes.

Please note: The tab showing the presentation may be blocked by a pop-up blocker. Depending on the browser you're using you'll be able to turn off the pop-up blocker. If you have any trouble using Presenter mode reach out to us over chat or email us (info@venngage.com).

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