Aside from our Photos library, you can also add your own images. You can upload an image that is up to 8 MB in size. Once you add your own image to the page, you can edit it. Click here for more information about editing images.

  1. Select Image Uploads on the left toolbar to get started. You have the option to either drag and drop image files onto the page or to browse from your desktop.

a. Here is a demonstration of the Drag & Drop feature:

b. To browse for the file on the computer click on the green Upload Image button under Image Uploads:

c. To replace an existing image with your own image, double-click the image and use the Replace Menu:

Note: to delete an uploaded image, click on the small trash can icon next to it.

Note: your own uploaded images are private and will never be shared with anyone else unless you publish your design with Venngage.

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