You've picked your first template but, once it's open in the Venngage Editor, you're not sure where to go. We can help!

The Venngage Editor comes with a built-in tour of the most important tools and features to get you designing right away.

Open the Editor tour

Click the question mark icon in the top menu, on the righthand side next to your user profile (this appears as a circle with your initials).

Click "Take a Tour" in the menu to activate the virtual tour.

An animated GIF of the Venngage editor showing the question icon on the top level menu and demonstrating the process above.

Follow the tour by clicking the green "Start" button.

To move through the tour, click "Next" on the modal (boxes) that appear.

You can click "SKIP" in the upper right-hand corner of the box to exit the tour at any point.

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