The Venngage Editor allows you to create and edit designs. Using this guide you’ll be able to understand how to use the editor to start designing. This Guide is divided into four sections. Start with the How to access the Editor Section. Then you can learn a little more about each part of the editor.

Top toolbar

This section includes information about alignment, zooming in and out, undoing and redoing, grouping, layering, changing the title, presentation mode, downloading, resizing the page and more. 

Left hand Toolbar 

Page Manager

The Top Toolbar

Alignment: This feature helps you arrange everything on the page so that it looks professional. You can learn more by clicking here. 

Zoom: You can zoom in and out of your design using this dropdown menu. 

Undo and Redo: Use the undo to reverse your last change to the design. Use redo to restore anything you removed using undo. 

Group: Use this tool to stick several items together. Click here for our help article all about how to group and un-group items. 

Delete: Use the trashcan shaped button on the top toolbar to delete items from the page. Click the item once then click on the delete button.
Lock: You can lock objects to hold them in place. Learn more by clicking here. 

Layer: These arrow shaped button help you layer the objects on your designs. To learn more about layering click here. 

Title: You can change the title of your designs using this section of the toolbar. 

Last Saved: All designs are automatically saved online. You can log out then you come back & any changes you made will have been saved. 

Present: You can access Presentation mode, publish designs to our community page and access embed code by clicking on Present. To learn more click here. 

Share: Share the design through a private link or on social media. To learn more about sharing click here. 

Download: With a paid subscription you have the option to download the design as a file. Learn more by clicking here. 

Resize: Change the size of the page, switch between landscape and portrait and even make a copy of your designs using this button. 

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