Available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Premium, Business and Enterprise.

Paid users can share their designs from Venngage via embed, which uses html code to display the design on a webpage, blog post or in an email.

Open the design you want to embed in the Venngage Editor. Finalize the design so that it looks exactly how you'd like it to, before you share.

Select Share from the menu above the design canvas (top right) when you're ready to grab your embed code.

In the Venngage Editor, a user has selected the Share button in the top menu, and the Share modal (box) has opened. The user clicks the third of three tabs at the top of the modal: Share, Download, and Embed.

Customize your embed options. Toggle "Border" to add a border around the design (make some additional spacing around the design itself) or "Footer" to add some space underneath the design. Toggle "Responsive" to allow the page displaying your design make changes to how it's sized and displayed, relative to the device or settings in the browser it's being viewed on.

With the

Click or select Copy at the bottom of the modal (box) when you're ready to copy the embed code. This will automatically copy the code displayed under "Embed Code" to your device clipboard.

[video-to-gif output image]

Add the embed code to your blog, webpage or email.

Example: To add custom HTML to a blog post in Wordpress, create a new post, then add a custom HTML widget to the post. Paste the Embed Code you copied from the Venngage Editor directly into the Wordpress post. Click "Preview" to see how the infographic will display in the post once it's published.

In a window open to a new post in Wordpress, a user types

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