Sign in to your Venngage account.

Click the "Account" icon on the top right corner (the circle with your initials in the top righthand corner of window). 

2. A drop-down appears. Click "My Account".

A close-up of the Account icon in the top bar of the Venngage website. Next to a blue button with the words 'Invite Team', a small black and white icon of a question mark in a circle appears; to the right of this is a grey circle icon with the intials 'JL' displayed inside in white letters, according to the intials of the user's name. The drop-down menu under the Account icon is visible, with the 'My Account' option highlighted by a red outline. Under this is the option to Sign Out.

3. On the Profile page, click "Password Reset".

4. The Password Reset pop-up appears to notify that an email has been sent to reset your password. Click the Close button and check your email.

Troubleshooting a blank page

If you are redirected to a blank page after clicking the reset password link and you used Google or Facebook Authentication to sign up for a Venngage account, sign out of your Venngage account, and then navigate to the link.

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