This article covers the following topics:

  1. Add a table

  2. Editing the table

  3. Change the text style in a table

  4. Questions

Add a table

  1. Click Charts on the left toolbar.

  2. Select the Basic Table option.

  3. A table is added to the page.

Editing the table

  1. Double-click the table or click it once, then click Edit Table.

  2. Add any information you want to include under the Data section. You can also update the data using a google sheet. To learn more about importing from a google sheet, click here.

  3. Once you finish editing the table, click the green Save button on the top right corner.

Change the text style in a table

To access the table styling options:

  1. Double-click the table.

  2. Select the cells you want to change under Data. You have a few options for styling the cells, including changing the background colour, font, and more.

  3. Click the green Save button once you are finished making your changes.


Changes I made through the Settings tab are not showing?

If you already made changes to your design in the Data tab before making changes under Settings, then the updates do not apply. Make sure you click the Data tab when making styling changes to your table.

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