There are two ways to edit chart data. You can manually enter data or import data from a google sheet. To learn about importing data from google sheets, click here. Keep reading to understand how you can manually update the data in your chart. This article covers the following topics:

Manually enter data

  1. Double-click the chart or click on the chart once, then select Edit Chart on the top toolbar.

  2. Under the Data section, click into a cell and start typing. You can also use your keyboard shortcuts (Command-V on Mac and Ctrl + V on PC) to paste data into the cells.

  3. Once you are done entering data, click the green Save button.

Here is a video tutorial:

Editing chart data

  1. To edit a chart’s data, double-click the chart to open the right panel.

2. You can manually fill in the data or copy and paste from excel or google sheets.

Insert or delete rows or columns by right-clicking (PC) or double-tap (Mac) and selecting one of the options from the drop-down.

3. You can also change the colors and styles of your charts under Settings. We have additional tutorials for charts:

4. When you are done filling in your data, click Save to return back to your canvas.

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