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Access the icon charts: 

  1. Click the Charts drop-down on the left toolbar.

  2. Scroll through the charts.

  3. Select Icon Row or Icon Grid.

Automatically replace icon charts

  1. Double-click the icon chart. You can also click once, then click Replace Icon.

  2. Search for a replacement icon or image using the Replace Menu.

  3. Select an icon. You can click anywhere on the page to exit the Replace Menu.

Change an icon chart's fill

  1. Click the icon chart.

  2. Use the Fill % drop-down to select a new fill percentage.

Change an icon chart's colors

  1. Click the icon chart.

  2. There are two color picker options and each allows you to change the color of one portion of the icon chart.

Change the number of icons

  1. Click the row drop-down.

  2. Select a number.

  1. Click the row drop-down or column drop-down.

  2. Select a number from either or both drop-downs.

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