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Use our photo library 

We have an extensive photo library that you can use to enhance your designs. None of the photos are copyright protected so you can use them freely.

  1. Click Photos on the left toolbar.

  2. Type in a search term. Our library includes everything from background patterns, stock photos, borders, and more.

  3. Click a photo to add it to the page.

Design Tip: Check out our blog post, 10 Ways to Incorporate Stock Photos Into Your Designs to learn how to pick the right photos. 

Upload your own image

To get started, click Image Uploads on the left toolbar. You have the option to either drag and drop image files onto the page or to browse from your desktop.

You can Drag & Drop like this: 

You can browse for the file on your computer by clicking Upload Image like this: 

Note: to delete an uploaded image, click the small trash can icon next to it.

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