Our designers have created thousands of templates so that you can easily create professional infographics. This article covers the following topics:

Access the Templates page

There are two ways to get to the Templates page:

  • Click Templates on the top menu.

  • If you are logged in, click My Designs, and then click on the green + button.

Search for templates

One way to pick a template is to envision how you want the design to look. Are you looking for a list or an event poster? Alternatively, you can search by the subject. For example, we offer templates related to marketing, start-ups, human resources, and much more. There are two ways to search our templates page:

  • You can use the Categories section on the left menu of the Templates page.

  • You can use the Search bar to type in keywords.

Filter templates by plan and page size

You have the option to view templates by plan or by size. Both sorting options can be found at the top right corner of the Templates page. Just make sure you are logged in before going to the Templates page.

  • Here is an example of how to view templates by Plan Type.

  • Here is an example of how to view templates by Page Size.

Using templates

We offer several free custom templates and you can find the categories in the drop-down menu, or you can explore our featured infographics. They can be a great source of inspiration and can be easily customized.

To use our premium templates, you can switch to our premium plan, where you have unlimited access to templates, graphics, and much more.

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