There are three ways to align the items on your screen. All of these options can be found under the Alignment drop-down.

  1. Using Smart Guides

  2. Using the auto-align and distribution features

  3. Using the Grid feature

Using Smart Guides

Smart Guides are pink alignment indicators that appear when you drag items on the canvas. They are always on by default. To turn Smart Guides off, click the Alignment drop-down and click them.


After aligning two items, use the bounding box handles to resize them. Indicators appear when items are resized to have the same height and/or width. 


If three or more items are aligned and you drag one of the items around, equal spacing lines appear when the items are an equal distance apart.

Using the auto-align and distribution features

Instead of individually dragging objects using our smart guides, you can use the features under ALIGN and DISTRIBUTE in the Alignment drop-down menu to align multiple items at a time.

How to align:

  1. Hold shift + click to select all of the items you wish to align.

  2. Click the Alignment drop-down.

  3. Click an action under ALIGN.

Left → Align to the left edge of selected items
Center → Align to the central vertical axis of selected items
Right → Align to the right edge of selected items
Top → Align to the top edge of selected items
Middle → Align to the horizontal axis of selected items
Bottom → Align to the bottom edge of selected items

Tip: If there are overlapping items, group them first before clicking on an action under ALIGN.

How to distribute evenly

Note: you must select at least three items to activate the DISTRIBUTE feature.

  1. Hold Shift + Click to select three or more items that you wish to evenly space.

  2. Click the Alignment drop-down and click an action under DISTRIBUTE

       a. Clicking Vertically will space the items evenly from top to bottom.
       b. Clicking Horizontally will space the items evenly from left to right.

Using the grid 

Select Grid from the Alignment drop-down. The grid is visible as you are creating your designs.

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