Here is a conclusive list of all the keyboard shortcuts to use while editing designs:

  • Selecting multiple items: hold down Shift while clicking items to select them.

  • Group items together: Ctrl + G for PC or Command-G for Mac.

  • Copy items: Ctrl + C for PC or Command-C for Mac.

  • Paste items: Ctrl + V for PC or Command-V for Mac.

  • Editing charts: click it and press Enter.

  • Exiting charts: press Esc.

  • Layering designs: use Command, Alt, and the up or down arrows on Mac, or Ctrl, Alt, and the up or down arrows on PC.

  • Undo action: Ctrl + Z for PC or Command-Z for Mac.

  • Redo action: Ctrl + Y for PC or Command-Y for Mac.

  • Nudge items: use arrow keys.

  • Delete items: delete key.

  • Text:

    • Bold: Ctrl + B for PC, Command-B for Mac.

    • Italic: Ctrl + I for PC, Command-I for Mac.

    • Underline: Ctrl + U for PC, Command-U for Mac.

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