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Welcome to Venngage! Start designing by choosing your first template and making it your own.

1. Pick a template

Start on the templates page. Use search or category filters to browse thousands of professionally designed templates that you can customize to fit your needs. Or, create a custom design from a blank canvas.

2. Customize the template

Pass your cursor over the preview tiles and you'll see two options: Preview or Create. Click Create on a template to open it in the Editor and start customizing!

Preview lets you view a design without creating it or saving it to your

Use the left sidebar to add elements, like Text:

A user in the Editor clicks the

Change the colour of an icon using the color-picker:

A user in the Editor clicks on a heart icon in a design canvas in the Venngage Editor. In the top toolbar, a color-picker tool becomes available (a small square with a teardrop icon in the center). The user clicks the color-picker to bring up a color-wheel and selects a color. The heart icon on the design canvas turns several different colors as the user clicks on the color wheel, before finally setting the color to white.

Replace the background image in your design or change the background color

A user double-clicks on the background image of a design to bring up the

3. Share the design

Once you have completed your work, you can preview it, and share it online. On the Premium, Business, and Enterprise plans, you can also download files. Learn more about how to share the design online through a link or how to download a file.

A user on a Free account clicks

4. You are done!

You made and shared your first design! To take your skills to the next level, check out our Learning Center or the related articles listed below!

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